Frequently Asked Questions

We have spent a lot of time and money testing our method so we know its value, especially given that it is only one on the market that we are aware of. We want a loyal buyer since there are so many scammers out there, so we purposely charge higher with opportunity to go lower after trust and process is established

We are the only provider than can provide GMB listing for any US/CA location in any category. The list of categories are here. We are currently only availabe for US and CA. 

This are spam/hard categories that have additional charges :

Garage Door
Water damage
Auto insurance
Water Restoration
Rehab Treatment
Carpet cleaning
Window installation service
Injury lawyer
Home security
Waste management
Roof contractor
Party Rental Equipment
Air Duct
Appliance repair
Kitchen repair
Air conditioning

Yes, email address is a crucial point of the process. We use our manually created emails to set the foundation for your rock solid GMB. We are going to provide you the email address together with the login information.

You may place your order by filling up this form and send it here 

We need you to provide business information such as Business Name, Description,  Address, Phone Number, Operating Hours, Category, and Website

The turn around time for our process takes less than 10 days. 

Yes. We provide 30-day refund or replacement guaranteed with the exception of few categories. To be eligible, you must not take ANY unnecessary modification for 2 weeks after gmb is delivered. Getting fake reviews would also be consider breaking the warranty.

Different phone numbers for different listings are necessary.

Turn around time usually takes less than 10 days. It is still an estimated time since Google is constantly changing.

We will not make sudden /last minute modifications for such may affect our verification process and google may penalize us with suspension. We need you to give us all the information we need from the start.